2008 is when I really started taking a holistic approach to my health. And by holistic I mean looking after not just my physical health but my mental, emotional and spiritual health too. Yoga was the gateway that opened me up to a range of modalities – from meditation and plant medicine to therapies such as acupuncture, reiki, shiatsu and massage, of course – that would shape me as a person and put me on the path that led me to discovering the joy of giving massage to others. I feel very grateful that one of my massage therapists recommended that I do my massage training at Jing Massage, Brighton. I could not have asked for a more thorough, supportive and, best of all, fun way to begin my career as a massage therapist. A career that allows me to help and serve others and one that gives back so much to me.

The Jing approach has been designed specifically to treat chronic pain and injury and is based on the decades of experience of its founders Meghan Mari and Rachel Fairweather in treating pain successfully. Unlike other practices such as physiotherapy and more mainstream sports massage, the Jing method does not adopt the "no pain no gain" approach to therapy, instead using a mixture of massage styles and techniques (from the Western styles of deep tissue, sports and Swedish to Eastern practices of Thai massage and shiatsu) in gentler way that is just as – if not more – effective at getting patients out of pain and discomfort.

While I am guided heavily by the methodical and scientific components of my massage training to treat specific conditions, I employ intuition and listening touch to ensure that each client receives the best possible care and attention in each moment. After the session I will also recommend any ancillary after-care routines so that your well being extends well after your massage. 

I am currently completing the Advanced Clinical Massage Training at Jing in Brighton.




For Pain and Injury

The Jing method has been designed specifically to alleviate chronic pain and symptoms of injury. Each case and person is unique and will need a treatment tailored specifically to their needs. I get to know you and your condition so that I can offer the best possible treatment plan to help you overcome pain: whether you've been suffering for months or years.


Drop me an email or SMS if you'd like to work together to get you enjoying your body to its fullest potential again. Home visits available in special circumstances.

For Pregnancy and Post Natal

A pregnant body undergoes immense change during the four trimesters of pregnancy – changes that put added physical and emotional pressure on virtually every part of your body. While a lot of your focus and energy will be on growing your beautiful baby, your well being is tantamount during this time: for both the good of you and your child. Massage offers both physical and emotional support.


I treat my pregnant clients in side lying position, which is the safest positioning for the pregnant body. The perfect antidote for relaxation or for any specific aches, pains or conditions you might be experiencing, whether you're in the first trimester (yes, it's safe to get massaged) or days away from your due date.

For Wellbeing

Touch is a basic human need, although this wisdom has long been forgotten. Massage isn't, in fact, a luxury. Receiving a regular massage is an important part of creating a healthy and balanced lifestyle, even if you're not currently suffering with any pain or injuries.

Benefits of massage include: improved quality of sleep, feeling looser and lighter in one's body, improved mood and body image, emotional release, decreased stress levels (and therefore a stronger immune system), greater connection to self... to name a few.



I've been practising yoga daily since 2008, completing my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Rishikesh Yog Peeth in Rishikesh, India, in 2011. Originally drawn to yoga for its physical benefits, over the years it has subtly transformed every layer of my being – from physical to mental, emotional and spiritual. It supports the physical work I do as a massage therapist and is a key antidote for the aches and pains we all endure as a result of living in a world not designed with human wellbeing in mind.

Yoga – in itself a form of meditation – can support any type of lifestyle: whether you spend your days in front of a computer or are an athlete; whether you are adolescent or elderly. It's never too late to enjoy improved strength, flexibility and concentration, better sleep, greater calm, clarity of mind and balance of spirit. Yoga, through the breath and asana (poses), brings us out of the mind and back into the bodies we are meant to inhabit.

I offer private sessions (one to one or group) either at my home or a location of your choosing. Your yoga lesson will be tailored to your needs and ability.

I also hold a weekly yoga class on Tuesday evenings at 7pm - 8.30pm in Stoke Newington at a private studio. Booking in advance is essential.

To enquire about either the private or weekly yoga class, including prices, get in touch via the form below.





Caroline is a wonderful yoga instructor - calm, caring and extremely knowledgeable. She took the time to understand me and what I was looking for, and I highly recommend her.



Yoga classes with Caroline are fun and challenging moving through a full range of body postures. It’s empowering and grounding and freeing, great for body and soul, all these things!



Caroline is absolutely fantastic, very friendly , welcoming and professional. I have chronic back pain, and after my first session with Caroline I noticed immediate improvement and pain relief , a few sessions later the pain has completely resolved . Her attention to detail and various techniques is outstanding. I highly recommend Caroline as she improved my quality of life.


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